Symposium: Partnering and Business Models in Precision Medicine

Providing a precision medicine solution to patients presents a unique set of challenges, especially for early Life Science companies. A key question is who will fund the innovation and what business model supports the implementation of such a revenue structure. In addition, you must deal with complex collaborations between the pharmaceutical industry, academia and government. […]

ImmunoWars Festival

After the first succesfull edition in 2022, ImmunoWars is ready for a bigger and better second edition of their festival. ImmunoWars invites you to enjoy the party with them at their 10 hour long festival. You can dance on the beats of Mr. White and the EDM-music of Mr. Black. In addition there is a […]

Startup Whispp in the spotlight at the Weekend of science

On 7 and 8 october 2023, you get to take a peek behind the scenes of science and technology during the Weekend of Science. On october 7th, you can come check out startup Whispp in the Spotlight-zone at Naturalis Biodiversity Centre. About the Weekend of Science About Whispp Losing your voice can have a big […]

The Space Week Panel: Space for Life

Space is a topic that often is regarded as real life sci-fi, and can seem very remote. However, space influences our daily lives more than you know! During this panel discussion you will see examples of how life science can be advanced using spin-off technologies from space, and how spaceflight is made better using life […]

Workshop: Seize Your Dreams

When was the last time you took your professional dream seriously? Join our “Seize Your Dreams” workshop to take your next step! During this workshop you will build a plan of how to make reasonable progress towards your dream within 3 months. PLNT Trainer Micha Heilman will guide you through the process of determining “SMART […]

Doing business in Germany for startups and scale-ups

Germany is an important market for Dutch startups & scale-ups because of its proximity and the many opportunities it offers. During the round table meeting on Thursday, October 12, our partner TK advocaten notarissen will be happy to tell you more about the German market and what to look out for when starting a business […]

Workshop: give your business strategy an IP boost

Are you an entrepreneur and ready to grow? Then make a plan how your business strategy fits in with your IP strategy. In the LSH sector, there are many hurdles to overcome: good technology, strong business plan, regulatory affairs in order and future-proof IP strategy. All parts are not separate from each other but are […]

Leiden Bio Science Park Startup Tour

Welcome to the unlock_ Leiden Bio Science Park Startup Tour, an exclusive event organized in collaboration with BioPartner and Kadans. If you’re a startup looking for the perfect office and lab space for your future endeavours, this event is tailor-made for you! Join us on November 7 to explore top-notch facilities, connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, […]

Non-Confidential Data Presentation as Part of Your Partnering Approach

JLABS Program When startups and academic groups explore potential partnerships, this usually starts with a scientific exchange of non-confidential information. It is essential to show enough data to get the potential partner interested, while carefully considering what information to keep confidential to retain value for the project. During this program, we will look at non-confidential […]

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