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Discover if entrepreneurship fits you with Startup Playground!

2 July 2021

How do you find out which career path fits you? Maybe entrepreneurship is the way to go! To discover what this means, come to PLNT Leiden: here you meet (un)like minded people. You can learn from entrepreneurs who all have innovative, unique ideas. 💡 After hearing their stories, it’s time to take action! Make sure you get at least one step closer to validating the assumptions you have. Startup Playground is the sweet spot for this: it’s an interactive session as part of a program for young people to find out whether entrepreneurship fits them (or not)! 💪🏽

Last week we held the first Startup Playground session for all Startup Play participants. This was the very first physical meeting after Corona! All these young entrepreneurs are in different stages of their startup. Some are already validating their business plan, while others are still trying to understand the problem they want to solve. After introducing themselves and their companies/ideas, they could get started!
Thanks to a good old fashioned game of musical chairs, participants switched seats all around the room with a continuous rotation of new partners. 🪑🗪🪑 This way, they were able to bounce ideas off each other and share knowledge and experiences: What are the pains and gains of becoming an entrepreneur? Talking about this makes the process easier, and made it clear that they face similar problems and successes. This formed a nice basis and it helped them to give each other useful feedback. Now they not only know what to expect, but also know how to take that best next step. 

We finished the session in PLNT style: everyone joined the borrel (drinks 🍻) on The Roof to mingle with the PLNT Community. Every Thursday, startups, students, teachers and investors come together here for informal drinks and networking: the perfect place to show initiative! By joining, the young entrepreneurs really got a good sense of our community and figured out if entrepreneurship is something for them (the answer is YES 😎). 

Are you also curious if entrepreneurship is something for you? ☕ Get in touch with Sander for a coffee and maybe we’ll see you next Startup Playground! 

Thanks to BettyDanielaFieke and Merel for supporting this session!

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